Thanks for stopping by, and I hope will reach get to know a little more about each other going forward. My name is Mel Allen and you can find more about me at therealvoice.com if you like. In a nutshell, I'm a voice talent and have also produced radio and television commercials. I've helped many people with zero experience, no equipment and no background in voice over become more confident behind a microphone and actually land work - with several of them even before they had a demo to work with. 

With that said, it's always best practice to have a demo, and a quality one at that, but many people slow small things to prevent them from getting starting our from being effective. I'm here to help give you some of my knowledge while also learning more about you, and I hope to share how other voice talents and voice actors have overcome challenges they believed they couldn't overcome. 

Do you have a burning question you'd like the answer to? Ask away in the comments!

Thanks again for stopping by,