Ep 12 - An Interview with Andrew Lander and his unique entry into voice work

 I could write a short bio about Andrew - but I'll let him tell his own story with a message he sent me:

"Unlike most in the industry, I started without any acting experience. Instead of the stage, I was pushed by my parents to be behind the podium. Getting accustomed to public speaking at an early age lead me to a career in marketing where I was able to speak to and on behalf of companies -- including my own short-lived digital marketing consultancy, LocalLander. All of this experience combined with discovering voice over on a random blog catapulted me into a passion that has lead to six agencies and making a profit on my investment after only the first year. The kicker, is that 2021 will be year number...2! I'd love to be able to share my unique experience with your audience as someone who can prove that it's not all theater and radio folks out there who can succeed in VO...

Andrew Lander
Business Casual Voice Overs"

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