Episode 6 - Three simple rules for your online profiles to make you look like a pro

In Today's episode - let's talk about three simple rules to follow for your online and social media accounts that will make you look more polished. I'll also talk about why you should have separate personal and professional profiles (or maybe just professional).

Today's topic was already being written, when I caught an example that revolved around Paul Strikwerda's latest blog post (at the time of this episode) "Reviewing the Melomania 1 Wireless Earbuds" https://www.nethervoice.com/reviewing-the-melomania-1-wireless-earbuds/

I'm a big fan and consider myself a friend of Paul's. So I highly recommend you get Paul Strikwerda's Book "Make Money In Your PJ's" - https://amzn.to/2WfVDVg (this is an affiliate link - you don't pay extra, but we may receive a small commission)

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  1. Spot on! What’s posted on the net, stays on the net. And clients are looking....carefully.


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